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Island Oasis Homes

Safe, Secure, Affordable, Luxury Living.

Specially designed for owners living in hurricane paths, these homes are built to withstand the elements. These beautiful homes can be customized to fit your style. Contact us to see how WCS Homes can create an Island Oasis Home that fits your needs and show off your creative style!

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Storm-Proof Homes

Made for Adventurers

Whether you need a tornado and stormproof shelter, a hunting cabin, or a fully customized storm-proof home, we can make these as simple or complex as you need. Combining both the idea of a “tiny home” and a storm-proof shelter, these projects will inspire you! Schedule a visit with WCS Homes to learn about our creative home solutions! 

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Tiny Homes

Stylish, Affordable, Eco Friendly.

The affordability of a tiny home might be just what you’re looking for. We also have access to solar panel specialists to make your tiny home even more eco friendly. Take advantage of the creative team at WCS Homes to build a unique and custom tiny home!

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Medical Unit
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Medical Units

WCS Construction has specialized in innovative housing solutions to support global medical relief efforts. We have partnered with a variety of organizations to provide affordable and aesthetically pleasing housing and medical units at much lower costs and on faster delivery schedules than most traditional means for housing remote doctors and providing patient facilities.

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